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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tyson vs. Douglas - An Upset For The Ages

An Upset For The Ages

By: Michael Feliciano

On the morning of February 11, 1990 at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, no one had anticipated the events that were about to unfold except for a one James Douglas. Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) was defending his WBC, WBA and IBF World Heavyweight titles against James “Buster” Douglas (38-6, 25 KOs) and at 42-1 odds, Douglas pulled off the biggest upset in modern boxing history.

By 1990 Mike Tyson was at the apex of the sport and there was no legitimate challenger in the division who had a chance against him. He had been demolishing his opponents without any regard for human life and was only 23 years of age. Since becoming world champion three years earlier, Tyson had developed into somewhat of a mythical figure, an unstoppable beast that ruled boxing with pure fear.

James Douglas fought a perfect fight against Tyson by out-boxing him, using his jab and opening him up for the big right hand. But of all people, why James Douglas, and how did he pull it off?

Douglas was supposed to be another stepping stone for the Tyson who was already in talks to face undefeated Cruiserweight champion Evander Holyfield (42-10, 27 KOs) later that year. But for the challenger, no promises lay ahead. There were reports that Tyson was out of shape and that he was not training as hard as usual and was overlooking Douglas. Well if that was the case, no one could hold it against him because everyone else was overlooking him as well. The public and the media just wanted to see another vicious knockout and that is what they all expected. It almost happened in round 8 when Tyson who was already looking tired, knocked Douglas down with a brutal uppercut. But he was up before the referee’s controversial count which ended at nine. The fight continued and Tyson seemed less determined. Douglas kept breaking him down and in round 10 connected with combination that changed history.

This colossal upset was perhaps due to Douglas’ determination to win the title in his mother’s name, (who had died just twenty-three days before the fight) but what sealed the deal was his complete lack of fear for “the baddest man on the planet”. Douglas trained hard, like any professional boxer who expects to have a chance in the game would. He sparred and ran many miles a day, like any fighter who takes his craft seriously. But he chose to step in the ring unafraid and willing, like only a champion can.

That morning the world learned that it was fear that Tyson instilled in other fighters which elevated him to another level. Tyson himself said most fighters were so terrified of him upon entering the ring that he knew he had them beat before a single punch was thrown. But Buster Douglas pulled down the curtain to the Wizard of Oz and knocked out Mike Tyson.

In the end, Douglas would say that he knew he could do it and he also mentioned the one thing that apparently had slipped everyone’s mind; the baddest man on the planet was in fact just a man. Although his reign was short lived Douglas was a great fighter who perhaps only lacked the obsessive determination that other champions had in them. Tyson returned to form a few months later scoring seven knockouts of his next eight fights before going on to lose to Evander Holyfield.

Because of his fearsome dominance and what he meant to boxing and to sports in general, the world will remember Mike Tyson. But no one will ever forget Buster Douglas, the man who stopped the unstoppable Iron Mike Tyson.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Broadway Boxing 12/16/09 Results

By: Carlos Suarez Jr

DiBella Entertainment ~ "Broadway Boxing"

BB King Blues Club & Grill, NYC, NY
December 16, 2009

Under the bright lights of Times Square and in front of a packed BB King Blues Club & Grill, DiBella Entertainment delivered five delightful fights. Here are the results:


• Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Lante Addy

Results... After eight rounds, we go to the scorecards: 79-72, 80-71, 80-71


-- In only his fouth professional fight, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, Guillermo Rigondeaux put on a good performance against the tough, Lante Addy from Ghana. After dropping Addy with a left hook in the first round, Addy survived but lost an eight round Unanimous Decision at the hands of the native Cuban. Which by the way, defected to the United States earlier this year. Rigondeaux has a bright future. Can't wait to see him again.


• Tor Hamer vs. Mazur Ali (last minute replacement)

Results... TKO - 1:30 of Round 1

The Winner: TOR HAMER


• Gabriel Bracero vs. Carl McKickols

Results... After six rounds, we go to the scorecards: 60-53, 59-54, 58-55



• Luis Del Valle vs. Noe Lopez Jr

Result... Doctor calls a hault to the fight, at the end of Round 2, due to a left hand injury.

The Winner by TKO - LUIS DEL VALLE


• Christian Martinez vs. Gabriel Morris

Results... TKO - 58 seconds of Round 1


Tonight in attendance were some notable figures: The new NABO Junior Welterweight Champion, Paulie Malignaggi, Daniel Jacobs, Harold Lederman, Freddie Roach, among others.... Kudos to Lou DiBella for another great night of boxing in NYC.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pacquiao's Dominating Performance Over Cotto

By: Sam Cruz Jr.

This past weekend I couldn't help but be in awe of the totally dominating performance of Manny Pacquiao. I for one thought Cotto was going to pull off a upset and win the fight; But as the fight went on, it was clear that Pacquiao was truly the faster and stronger fighter. Especially in the 4th round when Cotto was dominating the round til a short, yet powerful left hook sent Cotto to mat thus demoralizing and I think ending Cotto's chances of an upset.Pacquiao truly showed why he is the pound for pound champion. As for Cotto, one thing cannot be taken from him. He has the heart and chin of a champion. Tho he took a brutal and demoralizing beating, he answered the bell as a true champion and did not quit. As this fight came and went, there is one fight that all fight fans want and deserve, Pacquaio VS. Mayweather! A fight that truly should be one of the greatest fights of our lifetime. Lets hope that both parties can come together on a agreement and make it happen.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Team Cotto Discuss Strategy

Courtesy of: www.BoxingScene.com - Posted by: Top Rank on 10-21-2009

Bob Arum holds a conference call with Team Cotto.
(Joe Santiago and Phil Landman)

"I think Miguel will come out victorious in the fight by just doing what he always does, coming forward, throwing punches and being strong." (Phil Landman)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Latin Fury 12 - Al Bernstein Post Fight

Here you will hear sportscaster Hall of Famer, Al Bernstein expressing his thoughts on who he thought won the JuanMa vs. Mtagwa fight @ Latin Fury 12 in MSG... 10/10/09

The Heart Of A Champion Is What Kepted Him Up!

By: Carlos Suarez Jr.

Saturday night, at the WAMU Theatre in Madison Square Garden, Bob Arum's Top Rank featured their 12th installment of Latin Fury, "Island Warriors." Headlining the main event was Puerto Rico's new star, WBO Champion, Juan "JuanMa" Manuel Lopez defending his undeafeated record against the tough Rogers Mtagwa. Going into this fight, many, including myself expected JuanMa to walk right thru Mtagwa, and set up a possible fight in early 2010 against the Cuban sensation, Yuriorkis Gamboa; But what we were treated to was a possible candidate for Fight Of The Year! The fight was an all out brawl. In my opinion, this was a throw back fight that reminded me so much of the first Gatti/Ward fight. Before a loud and predominately latino crowd, JuanMa's heart was tested and pushed to the limit, in 12 grueling rounds. When the bell rung at the end of the 12th and final round, JuanMa was barely standing on his own two feet. (Thank God for the ropes.) Rogers Mtagwa was up for the challenge and was determined to upset and dethrown the young champion. Although JuanMa was badly hurt in rounds eleven and twelve, he managed to dig deep, survive and win the fight by decision.
To his credit, JuanMa never gave up, showing the heart of a true champion. Can't wait to see the young rising star in the ring again sometime in early 2010.